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Unless you want a new toy there's often no need to throw your PC or laptop away just because it stopped working. Our PC computer and laptop repair services can bring many computers back to life even if you have broken the charging port, cracked the screen or even thrown your drink all over the keyboard


Broken laptop screens
We will order and replace your cracked screen and return your device in exactly the same condition as it was before it got broken


Laptop not charging?
This may be due to a broken or shorted DC charging jack or something going wrong on the motherboard inside. We can diagnose and fix many issues that you may experience


Not booting?

If your system stops booting we will either be able to fix this onsite (if it's a software issue) or repair the laptop itself if it's a hardware problem


Not turning on?

You may find your system is dead dead... no lights, no sound, no action

We will visit and give you our best opinion of what the problem is and what your best options are