Hard Drive Data Recovery

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Data loss or files going missing can occur for a number of reasons. These will range from straight forward accidental deletion to an unfortunate system crash or system failing right upto an all out malicious virus attack. Cavalry Computers offer a number of services designed to get your data back. Check below to see which scenario reflects your situation


For lost valuable photos or documents from your home computer
If you have suddenly lost those valuable family photos or are looking desperately for those documents that were there yesterday then call Cavalry now. If your computer has failed to start and you're worried all of those pictures or documents are not saved elsewhere then call Cavalry now


Your computer no longer boots. Your computer no longer sees your external hard drive
Just because your computer no longer boots due to hard drive damage or your computer no longer recognises your external hard drive doesn't mean the data is lost. Cavalry can clone the hard drive and then fix the file structure to recover your data or even the whole system leaving it exactly as it was before the problem occurred


Full forensic data recovery

Cavalry can read the files in a number of ways but it basically boils down to two areas depending on whether the table where the file names are stored is damaged. If not we can get the originals back. If it is then it is possible to recover the raw data but without file names (eg. 0001.docx instead of Cavalry.docx). This can be done for most file types


Onsite RAID server recovery and physical hard drive damage recovery

Cavalry offers recovery services for those business critical recovery requirements. If the disk systems are readable then an on-site recovery service is available. If the disks are damaged then Cavalry will co-ordinate with their clean lab company to recovery the data. This may also require antivirus services