USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

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Did you sit on it or drop it in the toilet? Was it on the table and some one chucked a drink all over it? Or did you just bend it when it was plugged in? We offer usb flash drive data recovery services that can get your files back

Usually you know something is wrong when your PC or laptop no longer recognises your flash drive when it's inserted

It may still flash or the light may just come on and stay on. Either way let us take a look. If the NAND chip is still intact there is a good chance so are your files. It might have broken pins

Like all our data recovery services we offer a fixed price plus the costs of any donar drives if needed (donar drives are drives we steal parts from to make yours work long enough to retrieve your files)

You will also need to purchase a new drive to save your recovered files onto



Software Data Recovery

Fixed Price £95 per drive

Hardware Data Recovery

Fixed Price £145 per drive

Donar Drives

Typically around £20


If we can retrieve the data and you choose not to go ahead a standard £45 fee is charged for our time

No Data - No Fee