Home Computer Support


Even families need some computer assistance from time to time and if you run a small business from home this may be more so. Did you know that most families now have two to three computers (not counting iphones, ipads, android phones and pads, Xboxes and PS3s) and with children beginning to outreach their parents knowledge it's nice to know a local company is aware and looking out for you - protect your pc, protect your family and call Cavalry for advice and help


Computer running really slow or always crashing? Think you may have a virus?

It's not necessarily old equipment. Viruses, Spyware and misconfigured processes will dramatically slow a computer and cause weird behaviour including very slow internet and email. Cavalry has the experience to bring your equipment back into tip top condition


Lost valuable photos or documents?

If you have suddenly lost those valuable family photos or are looking desperately for those documents that were there yesterday then call Cavalry now. If your computer has failed to start and you're worried all of those pictures or documents are not saved elsewhere then call Cavalry now


No internet or signal dropping out?

The odd loss of the internet should be expected in something that is quite complicated. If it happens then reboot your router (the box that connects to the phone line). If that fails then reboot your computer. If that fails then call Cavalry


Need help buying or setting up a new computer?

New computer systems come in a bewildering array of makes, specifications and software. If you are not absolutely clear on these topics then call Cavalry for some quick to the point advice



We called Cavalry and he came around, talked through our needs and then took our two wonky computers away. He brought them back in very good shape, set them up for us so they worked properly - we were really pleased about that!